Okay, I read the whole story.

1st – don’t worry about the credit card bills for the time being. If they are late, it is not the end of the world. After all, they are not as important as the roof over your head and they are already screwing you on the rate. It is because of some arbitrary ratio on your credit report.

2nd – you can try to get a new credit card before the next month – one that lets you transfer to a low “teaser rate”, even 0% is possible, since you have never been late. I am no fan of credit cards, but you need to find a way out. If you can move the debt to the new account with the low rate, do it. It will be in your name alone, but don’t worry about that right now.

3rd – pay your mortgage. The company will come after you for foreclosure if you don’t pay. Ohio is known for that.

4th – Is it possible for you to move to where your partner is living?

5th – I agree – don’t spend a settlement that is not yours yet. Bad move. If you can manage to tread water until the suit is settled, great. If not, prioritize your debts and pay what you can, cut back where you can. Credit cards, pain in the ass that they can be, sending you to collections, reporting you late on your credit report (and they definitely will), can wait. Don’t let them scare you. You need to keep your home, keep up with the student loans (federal debts) and eat first. Also, pay for any medications you need.

You are living in the wrong state. In California, unmarried people buying property together is not an issue if you otherwise qualify. Credit card companies are the worst. How they get away with those interest rates is unbelievable. These kind of rates ought to be illegal. There’s a good political issue to write your congressperson about. You need more income. Is there anything you could sell? What about a temporary part-time job until you pay down some bills?  What about taking on a roommate since your partner is gone 5 days anyway? Maybe someone else will have another idea.