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I am always in need of better organizing

I will check this out. I am always in need of better organizing. This one has me doomed. I work in a grocery store. I see stuff all day, and
shop almost every night after work. I’ve been doing it for 15 years, so it is a hard habit to break. I’ve never had any need to learn to shop once a week. I am cutting back a little, since some things I know are cheaper elsewhere. And I am watching prices and ads more than I used to. But it has been a slow process.

I haven’t had any problems, but I found that after a few weeks on the cheaper water, I just wasn’t drinking much of it. I pulled out a case of the better water, and was surprised at how much I drank. I didn’t realize how much I liked it compared to the other stuff. So, I went back to it. At work, I buy the singles since I have to have a receipt on everything, and we cannot store multipacks at work. But at home, I get it by the case. I haven’t seen any bottles larger than the liter bottles, I but I will check.

I’ve got it about 2/3 packed so far and 7 more crates ready to go. I have a hige book collection that ran out of space at home, and a lot of stuff for when I move out. I’ve got it all listed by crate and then a map of the order it is in. And it is packed tight. It’s the smallest size storage, and my sister tried to talk me into sharing one with her. But she is far worse than I am with bills (especially the storage unit), so I don’t want to be stuck with her on a bill. I also did the math, and figured out that for half the space of hers (she has the 5×10 would be the same size I could get on my own, yet hers is so expensive that it would cost more to share with her. I tried to get her to switch, but she didn’t want to hear it.

Yes and no. You can certainly find new ways to use up the money. But it does help. When I quit buying the pop, I switched to water. Not only is the water cheaper, but I don’t waste it so badly. With pop, it had to be really cold and really fizzy. So, after an hour, the pop was garbage, even if I barely drank any. With the water, it just has to be cold. So, when it isn’t cold enough, I just shove it back in the freezer and grab a different one.

One bottle of water replaced 3 bottles of pop at work. That alone saves me over $500 a year. That doesn’t include the savings at home. Now, I am more broke this year, but soe of that is paycheck related (sunday pay went down, health premium went up), and part of it is some new expenses. My nephew moved in, and I am helping out financially. For example, neither of his parents offered to help him buy Christmas presents for anybody. And he has 3 families to shop for (mom’s family with 2 sisters and stepdad, dad’s family with one brother and stepmmom, and our family with two grandparents and two aunts. Add in a best friend, and he’s up to 12 people. He already used his birthday money to buy his sister a birthday present. So, my parents did some of it, and I did some of it.

I’ll check this out too. I have done some buying, selling, and trading on a local classified ads. I can save money on some items, and the trades are great. Something new with no money out of pocket. Especially great for computer games.

Have you heard of the FlyLady system?

It mainly deals with organizing your home, but she also deals with organizing meals and bills, saving you money. I’ve been doing that program for awhile now and it’s great. – Every Wednesday we do our weekly menu planning so that when you go to the store, you aren’t buying things you don’t need, or duplicating what you already have. There is also a menu mailer you can get (or you can buy the book). It’s done by a nutritionist and saves money also as well as time.

Also, limit errands to no more than twice a week if needed and never go to the grocery store hungry or with small children if possible.

Another thing that helps me is having a phone/address book so that if someone has to call information, they MUST write it down in that book. That way we don’t call info. again for the same number. You can also try looking up some numbers on the net first. A lot of them are there.

I drink a lot of water also and used to buy the bottles but now I buy the 2 5 gallon containers. You can always put the water in a tip-safe cup. It’s cheaper that way, but once you find one you like, you should only stick to that type and brand because it’s not good on your body…I won’t go into detail here, but anyone who’s tested this knows what I’m talking about, lol! There are some things I don’t skimp on if I don’t absolutely have to, such as ground beef. The cheaper ones are made up of more fat, gristle and water so they shrink anyway plus it’s not as good for you.

We also downsized to an economy car saving us gasoline costs. It’s still a 4-door, but small. We have 3 teens, so it can get cramped, but it sure saves at the gas station.

This year we have set our thermostat down 2 degrees lower than we usually do in the winter to save on propane costs.

Let’s see…I suppose storm windows, insulation and even plastic on your windows if need to be.

You might even go through your storage area and see if those things are really needed. Maybe you could downgrade to a smaller one for cheaper and even arrange it better making it fit better too. (Don’t know if they have one that’s smaller than a 5’x5′ though)

I’ve heard of a book awhile back about not buying certain things and calcualte the savings all year long…forget what it’s called, but it was something about for example if you spend a lot of money a year on potato chips, then not to buy them or something to that effect and it will save you ‘x’ amount of dollars each year, etc. I just wonder would one be replacing the chips with something else anyway?

I buy cappuchino at the gas station about 4 times a week. It’s $1.15, but I m worth at least that much. 😉 I tried Starbucks once and I thought they were very overpriced for the quality, so I don’t go there thankfully.

Another thing that saves money and helps you and others is freecycling.

You post things you don’t want anymore and give them away for free and you can post wants of things you need for free. No money is ever allowed to exchange hands.

If you do long form taxes, donations are always a great help.

Whatever type of taxes you do, try doing them all yourself. I always do and save a ton of money.

Car maintenance – goes a long way in gas usage and prevents some high cost repairs later.