Thank you so much for the quick response! To answer:

I am worried about being late because of compounding the interest. I mean, one of the cards is charging me over 300 amonth due to the rate! I am so blown away by that amount! However, yes, I will skip the payment if I have to.

As for the 0% interest rate, I explored that already. No go, due to this debt to income thing. I can get it, but for way too low an amount. I even tried through my bank, who I have a relationship with, as I have banked with them for 15 years. Nope.

Definitely on the mortgage. I will NOT let my mortgage get behind under any circumstances. I have a 6 year old son. His father lives here too. That is also why I can’t move out of state with him. Unfortunately, his father is in school and therefore does not make any money. this = no child support. And the way our shared parenting is written, I can’t take him to court, as he is not obligated in his current situation. I wouldn’t anyway, we are friendly. He is a law student and will take over the finances for our son as soon as he is graduated and making “lawyer bucks”. This does not help me now.

I have considered just trying to focus on one CC at a time, paying the smallest one first and then moving on to the next one.. I could get several of them paid off that way, but it would ignore the biggies for several months and I am afraid of what I would be looking at by the time I got to those!

Yeah, Ohio passed this issue one several years ago and really messed things up for all people who are not married, not just Gay/Lesbian couples.

I don’t know how they get away with the arbitrary interest rates. Or why they won’t budge.

I have already sold a lot. My next step is to see about OT at work, but this is difficult due to child care. Still, you gotta do what you gotta do, so I will see what I can get, and then see who can watch my son. Thank you so much for the input!!!